Thursday, March 08, 2007


This is something I never thought I would feel much rather write about. The mother of all contradictions.

The internet is a place where your personality walks atleast a few steps before your person. In the recent past I have met quite a few people online who I have never met. As someone I know said "I love contradictions."
I have heard so many stories and episodes of people meeting online and changing lives. As weird as it may sound but I can now relate to it too.

Cyberworld, a place where everyone is being led by who they are, the success of people clicking is so much easier, the rejection is so much more acceptable. This is only because you avoid the social saga of "getting to know someone."

Imagine walking around a mall where you could tell about people much before you spoke to them. The physical self does give a lot away, but still disguises the heart and mind a lot. This disguise people don't mind shedding online.

"Whats the worst, that could happen, I'll block her, I won't meet her?"
"Who is he she going to tell?"
"Its online, I made that up! It isn't true." Or is it?

Its when the line between the cyber and real gets thin does the nervousness set in. The real world or reality as we perceive it is a lot less forgiving.

What you say online can so easily be contradicted because "its just a chat", "it was a stupid forward", "so what if I created that fictitious profile"... All of this is still YOU.

I have a blog, am online for I don't know how many hours... but still am an old school guy. The touch, feel, taste, sound still matters. Its an irony that people go online to find the real world, where they learn that it is exactly what they want till they start making it a reality.

I love contradictions.

Dreams are ideas, and reality is a perception, find the missing link of this equation and your there... your journey is over. But why would you do that? The end of the journey in this life is like a comb to a bald man...of no use.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish - Steve Jobs

Keep Walking - JW


Blogger ]\[ ][ '][' ][ said...

beautifully written...
can see the heart speaking!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Steamroller said...

o vell vell vell

3:05 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

The virtual world was created by man, in real time indeed....Is it not surprising to see how this virtuality has actually become an integral, inseperable part of our real world? I see the contradiction...I'm still wondering though if I love it or simply hate it!!
Because I somehow can't understand how a majority of people today are ready to re-create a whole new persona to suit the mindset of the person on the other end of the chat window?Or how they can let go of the touch & feel factor?Aren't we as humans "programmed" to crave the touch, the feel, the smell, the sound of another human?Is it really an "old school" notion now, something that I thought was just the way we are...?Am I looking at another contradiction?
As you say,there's not much point in ending the journey...for isn't the journey all that really matters!?

4:57 PM  

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