Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A friend.

“So are you here on work, or just to unwind…?”

A coy smile. “How come I don’t see fear in you?”

“I have this rule, never give in on the first date.”

“You are treading on this thin line between confidence and self destruction.” The glint in her eye almost speaks evil.

“So what’s bothering you, that I am not leaning enough towards self destruction, or that if I did, you would have to get back to your boring job.”

Pause. For the first time since I got up, I hear the music.

I feel that cold breath again, “do you dance?”

Who is going to believe me that I danced with Death? “Only if you promise to lead the way.”

It’s that coy giggle again. She slips her hand into mine and guides me through a strobe-influenced floor infested with people shedding the last weeks … everything.

My eyes are enslaved, my mind surrendered and my heart fighting to stay out of the water. I see her move, try to keep up.

The moon forms a halo around her head through the balcony. It’s almost as if she has staged this. Is she playing me? Is this the last dance? Is this when I am supposed to hear “do you mind if I cut in?” It doesn’t happen.

The grace and flow with which I am entranced is unnatural. I have never reached this level of comfort.

This moment is etched.

The clock cheats, shows a few hours later in a few minutes.

I see the moon smile away into the sunrise.

“Let’s drive.”

It’s a beautiful day, I am tired and my eyes refuse to shut. The speedometer reads 170. She grooves to the radio, “where are we going D?”

“Beach.” A juvenile smile fills my face.

I see the rising sun through the shimmering surface of the sea. I surface and find myself a little off shore in the shimmering blue-golden waters…

“NIK…come quick, you got to meet this friend of mine.” I see her standing with someone angelic.

I feel the alcohol kick in as every stroke towards the shore becomes heavier and closer to impossible. I can feel my breath slow down and the surface of the sea move away. Lights fade and there is a shooting pain in my chest.

NO. Not right now. Not like this. My mind is defying the moment, but my body has given in. Pitch black. DAMN.

Please god, let me open my eyes in heaven. I see that angelic face again. She is tanned. She is exotic. She is drenched. Looking straight at me.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” I turn around. I see D. “What…Where..?” I look at the new face… “Who..?”

“Hi Nik. I am Life.”


Blogger Babe High on Hope! said...

Ahh...how I love to see dawn emerging from darkness... the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The victory of Hope against all odds - an amazing transition to see, hear, feel.....!! And I feel it in your post. And I am glad.
Anyone who'd read this post would actually find themselves smiling, as do I. It's infectious, this Hope.And Life is another synonym for Hope, or vice versa if you prefer it that way!
Dude,m just so happy at having read this post, that m speechless.Of course I can take a wild guess at what may have trigerred it... ;-)
Cheers luv & more joy & hope to you!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Babe High on Hope! said...

It's a new world, it's a new start,
it's alive with the beating of young hearts,
it's a new day, it's a new plan
I've been waiting for you, Here I am....
Your post reminded me of this song! And now I know its gonna keep buzzin in my head, thanks! ;-)

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Hope! said...

You see D? WHo's D?

2:31 PM  
Blogger nikalank said...

D is Death.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nik
Man was feeling pretty low, was browsing thro old emails and found ur blogsite, happy that i read it, ur death and life blog was too good, intense , refreshing and feeling much better now....
kavitha(wonder if u remember me)

10:29 AM  

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