Saturday, July 08, 2006

Melting Pot

Escape and freedom, freedom is first, an escape isn’t complete till it isn’t physically fulfilled, freedom is a state of mind. People free themselves all the time; the escape comes in only when the want to be free takes over. I find it amusing that something permanent leads to something that is temporary and people enjoy the temporary pleasure more.

You own your freedom; an escape belongs to someone else. 15 minutes can blow you away, and a lifetime can have made no sense at all.

Everyone asks you if you are ready? Tell me one situation when you can absolutely be sure that you are ready? You can only minimise the risk. You cannot avoid a mishap. Honest effort and an open mind are as powerful as experience. Not afraid to change plans, not shying away from making the best out of a situation, this is as important. You can choose to gain as much experience as you want and then venture into your dream, but then what if it is too late? A failed effort is much better than a frustrated itch that you might not have been able to scratch….

Even a priest doesn’t believe in god as much as a love struck fool. I have always gone back running to god. If I were to choose, I want this to be my miracle for this life. Please god, silence all these pessimistic people around me, let this be the one, this way your presence is felt, I get what I want and everyone is happy.

I know you are omnipresent, I also know that you are talking to me in more ways than one, then why the hell is it there this question mark in my head? There has to be answer to this. You haven’t made me to believe in anything unexplainable. Miracles are also explainable. The reason for a miracle is your deeds. Deserving people have miracles taking them through their tough times.

There is a funny strength inside which I know will take me through this. It makes me remain so calm while all this is happening; otherwise I would be flipping out.

I just found out that people meant for greatness surround me. This can only mean that even I am made for the same. Yes, I just complimented myself and made an attempt to not sound egotistical.

Can you actually love each day? Is that what love is? Is it something inside that makes you find happiness in the very chance that she is going to smile?

I can very easily become a full-blown alcoholic; I can also give up alcohol very easily. What makes me think with such confidence sometimes baffles me. Seriously god, you gave me a heart but did not give me one ounce of a brain.

Oh what a High!!!!…I need a music system that I can carry around with me. What is a high? A feeling of independence from the real world is a high. The means to enter a realm where your weirdest ideas become real is a high. Why alcohol…why not a beautiful face, a smile, music, anything that can take your mind off from this artificial world?

I agree when everyone says that trust what you see, the only problem is that people are only looking they aren’t seeing. How many really see the world for what it is? 99% live in a world that they have built for themselves without considering others.

Get me an easel and I will create MAGIC. Yes I am lazy.

It is so much easier to go through life when you are honest. There is so much less burden to fight.