Monday, October 09, 2006

Artist Inside.

What is art, according to you?
Scott Adams described it best when he said, “Art is making mistakes, creativity is knowing which ones to keep.” I also feel art is an aesthetic expression of an idea. The journey from an idea to its expression is art.

What is Art Appreciation?
The ability to establish a relation between the work of an artist and oneself is true appreciation. Every artist in his or her own way always asks for an open mind. I think before someone can relate to a painting, sculpture, music or any other form of art needs to explore their own mind. A lot of people confuse art appreciation with their sensory preferences.

What are the various elements of art?
Ideas, sensitivity and an obsession with expression are the three most important elements of art. What we see, feel, hear and sense is just a consequence of a combination of these elements. Our mind is the biggest resource of these elements and Life is the biggest exhibition of works of art.

How should one analyze art as a form?
Any form of art reflects the culture, ideologies and the backdrop from which the artist hails or is most influenced by. A deeper understanding of these predispositions is thus significant. Every artist has their own approach; the style should do justice to what the artist stands for and what has been expressed on the canvas or any other form of art. This is what makes every analysis of art subjective.

Time, I feel is the only true measure of art. Art has been the prominent echo of the eras all throughout our civilization. All works of art speak volumes of the time spent by the artist.

Why should anyone walking into an art gallery be expected to appreciate art?
An art gallery with a running exhibition is a physical representation into the artists’ soul. Anyone walking into the art gallery is getting a chance to witness the artist from the inside.

I also feel that there is a lot to learn from art. Our reality is what we choose it to be and to experience the real from an artists’ perspective is only possible if one can appreciate art. A taste off the surreal is often what we need to make sense of our realities.

“Any reality is an opinion. You make your own reality.” – Nystagmus.

What are 10 ways to make someone appreciate art?

1. Keep an open mind.
2. Keep an open mind.
3. Keep an open mind.
4. Keep an open mind.
5. Keep an open mind.
6. Visit a lot of exhibitions. Visit exhibitions of paintings, music concerts, theatre, sculptures and all forms of art.
7. Interact with the artist.
8. Try your hand at art yourself.
9. Dream. Visualize. Live it up.
10. Read a little about art history.