Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Whatever happens happen for the best, hell ya, it does. Home alone, quit my job, changed plans by a whole 180 degrees, and its all looking good. Well, in my head at least.

Change. Truth, everyone wants to hear the truth, we all like to believe that we can handle the truth. Can I? Not easily. It has always taken me time to accept something that I did not want to believe in. And yes, I still, with the exception of my father have to meet someone who can handle the truth better than me.

Goodness of the heart. Makes you weak, makes you falter, makes you think. This is what everyone avoids. No one looks at the advantage that it has, it gives you courage to look someone in the eye and say, “I love you”. You can hold your head up in front of someone you have wronged to apologise.

I hate playing the ego game. I fight with myself. Why? So what if someone is happier with a feeling of superiority? Doesn’t make it so. I keep giving into the rest of the human race. Just writing that last sentence made me feel above all else. MAN!!! If I can actually inculcate that into my life…wonders will never seize.

Which is the scariest fear? Fear of the unknown of fear of knowing that what is unacceptable is true?

Family. What was the question again?

In business or a profession it should not matter who is talking, what he/she has to say is more important. On the personal front, who is saying it is more important than what is being said.

There is always an option. The strength of the reason to not exercise the option doesn’t make the option non-existent.

Shredding myself to bits and I still haven’t been able to figure out what I can offer? Can I write, can I paint, or design, or talk? Am I a thinker? Career Counsellors, psychiatrists, I want to know what they see.

I feel like I am giving an exam and the time’s running out. The problem here is I have no clue how much time is left and how many more questions I have left before I finish.